Write to Finish: March Madness Recap

I apologize once again for not updating my blog over this past weekend or two weeks ago. It’s been another mad crush and hectic month for #amediting. I hope to two biweekly posts this month, when things are back to normal. I’m still working hard to get my R&Rs for Venom and Chain Reaction whipped into shape. I’m halfway through Chain Reaction, while I’m not even there and falling behind for Venom to finish this spring. So it’ll be pushed for a mid-summer date to resubmit to both agents for them. It won’t be done by my birthday, two months away. Oh well. I hope to get a lot more done in Venom this month and get close to the halfway point at chapter 12. No new partial or full requests have came in, while more no responses/rejections come pouring in.

In other news, I’m making good strides for #amwriting in my old Julno mss, Cave-in and Specimen. I believe I’m coming close to finish Specimen by Memorial Day Weekend and Cave-in by the 4th of July thereabouts. While I’m three months away from doing research for Arctic Blast, my newest eco-thriller in over two years, for Camp Nano/Julno this summer, I’m working hard to wrap up The Shadow Killer and No Stone Unturned by then. It’ll be quite a while, before I resume work on Killer Wipeout and Web of Deceit. But, I’ll be starting new edits on Double Exposure with another beta reader, sometime next week, to look over DE with fresh eyes.

So here’s my tally for the month of March:
Cave-in: 117513 (7075 words written in 16 days out of 31 days)
No Stone Unturned: 144664 (10,912 words written in 17 days out of 31 days)
The Shadow Killer: 234928 (39,390 words written in 29.5 days out of 31 days)
Specimen: 132958 (11,352 words written in 18 days out of 31 days)


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