Write to Finish: April Surprises

Sorry I haven’t been back here in over a month. In retrospect, April was a rough and bad writing/editing month for me. It also brought me some luck, too, for both of my manuscripts. As we’re one month away from Camp Nano/Julno prep for Arctic Blast, my next eco-thriller in a little over a year, I’m gearing up to get closer and closer to the finish line. I’m making steady progress in both of my R&Rs and hope to finish in 9 weeks, around July 15th, 2013. So far, I’ve gotten 11 out of 32 chapters done in Venom, while I’m reworking chapter 8 a bit from my writing group’s feedback from last month. As for Chain Reaction, I have 182 pages left to go over with my beta reader in the next two-and-a-half months. I believe I’ll finish Specimen by the end of May, Cave-in by mid-July, No Stone Unturned by August and The Shadow Killer by mid-July as well. I’ve started final edits in Double Exposure with a second beta reader and need to do some editing and more writing in it. So we’ll see how it goes this weekend.

Other than April was a bad month for me in No Stone Unturned and a bit for Cave-in, I hope May would be better. Almost two weeks, I scored an exclusive full for Venom from a new agent I queried on the same day. That would go out in July, when it’s ready. They hope to make an exception, if I’ve sent it out to other agents. I’m planning to send it out first along with my two R&Rs and then my full last. A little over a week ago, I’ve scored a partial request for Chain Reaction from the same agent I queried for Venom last year (and got rejected) and a detailed outline to go with it. I never did one before. It’s brutal, just like doing a synopsis. But I sent it out yesterday after working on it for a whole week. It could lead to a full reject or an offer of representation–my beta reader said it’s cool and I did a good job with it. Fingers crossed.

So here’s my word count for my four novels as it stands for April:
Cave-in: 123315 (I wrote 5271 words in 10 days out of 30),
No Stone Unturned 149092 (I wrote 12,498 in 5 days out of 30),
Specimen: 133994 (I wrote 11,996 words in 14 days out of 30),
The Shadow Killer 267029 (I wrote 32,418 words in 23 days out of 30.)


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