Write to Finish: May/Summer Recap

I apologize for not posting here in four months. My writing have been sporadic and very little, especially in the summer, for a few mss, while it went up higher for others. I also experienced back pain in my lower back and couldn’t sleep well and felt drained. I’ve been attending physical therapy for a month now and feeling better, day by day. So I hope to be back here, maybe twice a month, if not monthly, like I used to. Plus, a week from Tuesday, it’s my one year anniversary, since I had open heart surgery. Overall, I haven’t gotten any new bites on Venom and Chain Reaction since mid-spring, while I’ve been working on getting my R&Rs done. I’ve queried new agents and other agents to no avail, but I’m not giving up. I hope to finally finish Venom with 23 chapters to go with 216 pages, and Chain Reaction with 7 chapters left with 130 pages to go, by the end of this month, if not earlier. I’ve also resumed editing with a second beta reader in Double Exposure and have been working on the first two chapters with new revisions.Better real late than never, I suppose.

Two months ago, I plunged back in to Julno with Arctic Blast, my new eco-thriller I set during a cold Alaskan winter. It’s been 1.5 years since my last eco-thriller I’ve written and did it for my first Camp Nano experience, too. Instead of during daily writing quotas per day, I’m going to do the monthly average (including May 1st and 2nd) for the spring tally.

May/Summer Monthly recap total:
Arctic Blast updated word count: 72176–51236 words written in July, 20109 words written in August.
Cave-in updated word count: 133004—3656 words in May, 4061 words in June, 1522 words in July, 1025 words in August.
No Stone Unturned updated word count: 169207–4427 words in May, 3569 words in June, 716 words in July and 702 words in August.
Specimen updated word count: 166198–5557 words in May, 8256 words in June, 3845 words in July and 2839 words in August.
The Shadow Killer updated word count: 420254–32736 words in May, 63473 words in June, 30549 words in July and 22407 words in August.


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