Writetofinish: Fall/Early Winter catchup

Sorry I haven’t been on this blog for the past four months. It’s been a crazy hectic fall for me. My mother’s been hospitalized in September and last month. Before Nano 2014, things calmed down, while I didn’t have much to report her. During Nano left month, I’ve won my 7th year in the row with Moving Target–another old dream idea revitalized with modern twists. I know it’s not an excuse for my absence. But I’m going to make up for it with a brief update on this fall since September 1st, 2013, when I lost reported it back over here.

This fall, I’ve had some hits and misses for Venom and Chain Reaction. I’ve learned about #MSWL on Twitter, short for Manuscript Wish List, when agents, publishers and editors tweet their ms slush pile wishes. I’ve found two for Venom and Chain Reaction which turned out to be rejections. I’ve learned about #adpit (adult fiction pitch) before Muse Con 2013, and tried that out in mid-October. I did get one bite for Chain Reaction with a partial request from the same agent who turned Venom down via #MSWL, the month before. She didn’t connect with the characters and turned it down, too. I’ve learned about Writers Helping Writers before Nano and submitted the first pages and queries for both Venom and Chain Reaction to help turn things around from two new author friends. We’ll just have to wait to see how it turned out in 2014.

As for Venom itself, besides taking some time off and checking in with those agents who’re waiting for them, I hope to finish the R&R, a month from today. I have the final ten chapters left, which is including the epilogue. That’s about 175 pages to go. As for Chain Reaction, sans my beta reader, I’ve taking some time off and have worked on it, on and off. I have 130 pages to go. I hope to finish that one around the same time. I’m really thinking that 2014 is the year, when I hope to land an agent by mid-winter and a pub deal by spring for both mss. Fingers crossed.

Here’s the fall roundup on my manuscript with the final word count for my mss, excluding this month. That will be posted on Monday’s Year Ahead blog post with the hopes and dreams in 2014, when I’ll introduce my new writing/editing plan, too.

Here’s where my mss stand as of now:
Double Exposure–I’ve done little editing in Double Exposure and will be resumed in January.
Specimen–I wrote 2904 words in September and 1552 words in October. The word count is now at 170364. I hope to finish Specimen in a month.
No Stone Unturned–I wrote 809 words in September and taking the rest of the months off. The word count is now at 170016. I’ll resume NSU next month and finish the story by next summer, I hope.
Cave-in–I wrote 1201 words in September and took the rest of the months off. The word count is now at 134205. I’ll resume it also in 2014.
Arctic Blast–I wrote 9877 words in September, 7892 words in October and 6942 words last month. The word count is now at 97689 as of 11/25/13. I took this month off and resume it next month.
Moving Target–I wrote a total of 53,106 words to win Nano last month. I’ve continued to write it for Nanofimo this winter.
The Shadow Killer–I wrote 14,348 words in September, 15, 290 words in October, and 12,586 words last month. TSK will finally be done a month from there. I’ll post the word count on Monday for November. I’m getting close to the end and dreading my 100K+ words I have to edit in 2014.

Until then, I’ll see you on Monday for my final post for 2013 and get ready for 2014 ahead of us…


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