Writetofinish: December 2013 wrapup and 2014 plans

To close out 2013 and to welcome 2014 with opened arms, here’s what happened in December. Although I’ve picked up the pace and devised a new editing/writing plan for next year, between fatigue and a bad cold, I wrote the majority of this month and missed a few days, while I’ll put the other mss on the back-burner for now.  I’ll explain my new plan later. While nothing new came my way for Venom, I did land a four-chapter partial request from one agent for Chain Reaction, a little over a week ago.  The original agent I queried this fall didn’t reply to my query when I nudged her. But the head agent told me she’s now focusing on special projects and directed me to a new agent. The next day, she requested CR’s chapters, since she told me she had initial interest in it. I hope it brings good luck in 2014, which is just around the corner.

In December, I wrote 14061 words in The Shadow Killer. November’s word count was 4660353 words in total. Now it’s at 4674414 words to close out the year. For Moving Target, I wrote 10, 610 words for December 2013. My word count now stands at 63,716 to close out this year.

Now here’s my plans for 2014: I’ll finish Venom’s and Chain Reaction’s R&R by the end of January 2014. It would lead to a yes and a contract with an agent and a pub deal for both mss. That’s a good way to kickstart the new year. I also hope to finish writing Specimen by mid-February and finish editing to complete it by April 2014. I also hope to finish writing The Shadow Killer in a month, before I’ll conquer the 300+ words to edit down in the months to come in spring.

Since I’m behind in writing/editing in Cave-in, No Stone Unturned, Arctic Blast and Specimen, I’m going to take #writetofinish to #writetofinish a scene/chapter. I’ll work on two manuscripts at a time, not four or six anymore. When I finish a chapter/scene for one mss, it’s going on break. I’ll rotate my mss until I get another chapter or scene done and finish where I left off. The break would be for a day or two, depending on how much I need to finish. This will help me get caught up with my writing and keep it going. I’ll keep it going through the end of the year. That’s at least 3 pages a day per ms. So that’s going to start this week, when I finish The Shadow Killer’s and Moving Target’s scene tomorrow. I’ll let you know in the next posts, when I switched mss and give the other a break a rest, while I’ll dream those new scenes for these mss. Wish me luck! Happy new year!


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