Writetofinish: Mid-January to February Report

Sorry I haven’t been back here in a few weeks. I had a rough time trying to get a couple of more rotations done in my writing for my mss, between now and then. All except for one mss have had a partial or full scene done so far. As for my R&Rs, I’m getting closer to the finish line with the final 130 pages for Chain Reaction and 145 pages for Venom. I hope wrap them up and send them out by the end of the month. So for my next report, we’ll have something to celebrate!

For the month of March, I’ll be focusing on fishing writing Specimen and The Shadow Killer and finish editing in Venom and Chain Reaction. I might try to get some quick edits in Double Exposure too, since it’s been months when I’ve last done it.

Here’s the rundown of my editing tallies for my mss from 1/16/14-2/28/14:

Arctic Blast: 106507 (5282 words)
Cave-in: 142452 (6098 words)
Moving Target: 16651 (3131 words–January only)
No Stone Unturned: 171759 (3790 words)
Specimen: 183373 (5569 words)
The Shadow Killer: 4687382 (3453 words)

I’ll be back in Mid-March with the next update!


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