Change of plans for now

First of all everyone, there’s going to be a change of plans. Since I’m not able to monetize my blog posts over here at Word Press, I’ll be doing regular writing-related blog posts here instead, like I did previously before. I’ll be monetizing writing-related blog posts over at Hub Pages. I’ve included the link in the sharing portion of this post.  So please feel free to check it out and share the posts and follow it, too.

Since my last post, I haven’t been able to get back to writing since I failed to do Camp Nano in July. Maybe I did it too early and should try again next month for Nano. I might have to scrap Out of Time and aim for next year sometime. I’m still on the fence for Nano, when this is normally my Nano prep period for next month. If I do plunge ahead for it, I’ll make time for it next week, when I start my gym membership next week. I’ve reserved some time in my schedule to write/edit to keep going with my previous manuscripts. At least, editing with my beta reader helps me keep going forward to get it done—hopefully, by the end of the year, before Christmas and New Year’s Day.

So far, no new word from the agents on either manuscripts. I’ve nudged that agent for Chain Reaction, this week, since it’s been three months since she had it with no word. I did nudge her, two weeks ago, before I moved into my new home. I did inform the agents about another delay–and only have heard from one of them, that it would take long as it takes to get it done and not to rush or worry about it. For Venom, ten chapters have been edited with my beta reader–nine with my local crit group. I haven’t gotten back to chapter 23 since August. I hope to resume it next week. For Chain Reaction, my beta reader and I have done seven chapters and have more to go.

Other than following up with agents, I did query new agents for both manuscripts and hoping for new bites. I’ll keep you posted on anything new that comes up in a week or two.


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