Looking back for this year/Future outlook for 2015

My dear friends, sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. Since things have been slow, I had nothing to write about. This have been a helluva year for me, personally and for my writing career, too. It had been too hard for me to write anything down or tried to. Ever since my mother passed away nine months ago, I needed time to regroup and recharge my batteries. My creative output was short-circuited, when my writing well of ideas ran dry. I’ve tried in April for Camp Nano, but it was too soon. I’ve tried in July and got a little bit down. But for Out of Time, which is still now on hold, Shingles struck me and threw me for a loop. Maybe I wasn’t ready yet and needed more time to heal. And then Nano last month…

I was going to try to do it slow and get as far as mid-November. That was my ideal plan. But then I changed my mind, one week before Nano and decided not to do it. I had an an idea for a storyline and not much else down. I’ve been having trouble dreaming, while my sleeping was fine. So this had been a year I’ve taken off for writing only. I was right in my assumptions. It had proven too hard for me to do it, since the eight-month anniversary of her passing and what would’ve been her 71st birthday was too close together on the same week. That’s when I missed my mother the most. So now we’re at the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s Day, when it would’ve been the hardest for me. Thanksgiving was real  nice for just my brother and myself–Christmas this week would be the same way as well.

While I’ve put my writing on hold, until I find new motivation to write next year,  the only thing that kept me going was my main focus on finishing Venom’s and Chain Reaction’s R&R by the end of the year, which won’t happen. But it would be done with my beta reader by mid-January. My BR and I have changed gears from doing chapter sections to whole sections this far. With a couple of chapters left to go (and a little over a hundred pages left to edit), I’m so looking forward to getting it done. I haven’t gotten any new bites on either ms this year. I had to withdraw my partial R&R for Chain Reaction, two months ago, since I haven’t heard from that agent since this past spring on her feedback for the first three chapters. She haven’t replied back to my nudges and final notice of withdrawal, when I also closed it out as a no response. What a shame! But I was tired of the quiet run-around she gave me.

Since 2015 is around my corner, I believe that  2015 might be the year, when my writing dreams will come true, as I take it one step at a time. I’ve sent an email over to those agents who’ve been waiting for my ms for over a year or two. They haven’t given up on me. I thank God for that. If all goes well, I’m hoping it leads to a YES and an offer of representation by an agent. If one agent would take both of them on, all systems go for me. And pretty soon, it would lead me to a publishing contract and an editor. As I promised my mom before she died, I would finish when we started years ago through her sickness and my heart surgery, computer problems, and her death, it would be in print and dedicated to her. That would be a wish to come true. I know she would be smiling down and crying from Heaven. That’s one of my goals for next year, while I’ll help my BR out and pay it forward with her ms.

As for the other publishing options of indie press/small press, e-publishing and self-publishing, I haven’t forgotten about them too. I had some earlier interest, a few years ago, when I had to revise my ms back then. I haven’t forgotten those offers I’ve gotten from Muse Con a few years ago for those pitch sessions. If it’s not too late to send them, if they’re still interest, I would consider them as well.

Once I’ve found new motivation, I hope to get back to writing again by mid-spring, perhaps by Camp Nano April 2015. It might be a new idea or to finish an old one. I would probably start out slow with 250 words a day, which is one page for a starting point. After taking a year off for a break from writing, I hope to get back to full speed real soon and set realistic goals for myself. I also hope to attend a local writers conference or retreat next year, since there was no Muse Con this year. Before I can tackle the bigger and popular ones like Boucheron and Thrillerfest, I’m going to start small and do the weekend, half-day or one-day ones, which are cheaper and recommended for first-timers. My planning to do so are in the works, when I can arrange the funds and transportation to register for it. I would love to try to join RWA’s online chapter, if I can’t go to the local one here and attend two sessions to become a member, or to go to Lori Foster’s Get-Together next summer. When I know anything more, I’ll let you know further. It would be a great way to help re-ignite my writing efforts.

Lastly, I hope to finish editing Double Exposure, something I started last year and stopped with my previous beta reader. I also hope to finish writing and then editing Specimen by the end of the year, too. If I get all of my ducks in the row, I have two new projects lined up for the foreseeable coming year.

Like always, I’m going to take it one step at a time, one day at a time, next year. Until I have anything new to post, I’ll be back here. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Have a blessed holiday season! Until then, I’ll see you in 2015!


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