Waiting Game

Friends, there’s a reason why I’m labeling this blog post the waiting game–well, maybe two reasons. Since my last blog post, both of my manuscripts, Venom and Chain Reaction, have been completed with final edits and deemed finished, as of almost a month ago. I came through with my promise to my mother to finish what we’ve started… with the help from my fabulous beta reader and friend. Now both mss have been submitted to agents, a couple via email, and one via snail mail. Now I have one more month to wait to hear back from them, before I nudge them with an answer. Their response times was three weeks to eight weeks. I hope that better late than never was well worth the wait to get a positive YES! from an agent and an offer for representation to move forward with a pub deal. Or the true adage of no news is good news paid off in the end.

I do have a tiny bit of news. The one agent with an exclusive offer to see it first had to decline, since I sent them all out in the same, since these agents waited for the fulls, more than a year or more to see the finished product. I’ve called her Agent C. As for Agent D, he did thank me for sending me my full for Venom. Though he had a full digital list of reading ahead of him, he promised to give my ms preferential treatment to read mine, and get back to me, when he was done reading it. I wish all the agents felt that way. I also had gotten a referral from a fellow Twitter author friend to send my ms over to her agent, (who had declined both of my mss back in fall 2010) with a fresh new look. (I call her Agent F, when her response time of one month expires next Friday, before I nudge her in the following week.)

Another reason why I call this post the waiting game is because of thinking of new storyline ideas. My mind’s been dormant from a slumber, since losing my mother almost a year ago, and then Shingles last summer, had zapped my creative juices and drained me of any sparking ideas. It’s been that way for six months, since last fall. As Camp Nano is one month away from tomorrow, I do have a back-up plan. If no ideas come to true, I’ll go back to one of my pre-Nano mss and finish what I started a decade ago without editing it or seeing previous feedback. I would have to re-read it to refresh my memory and then dream the rest of the novel. I would start slow and work my way up from doing 250 words a day and progress from there. So that’s my project for this spring and maybe early summer before summer Camp Nano/Julno, when a new idea would strike me again.(Or maybe this fall, if it takes me longer. We’ll see.)

Also in my meantime, in about 2.5 weeks or so, my beta reader and I would be working on Double Exposure, my second Nano eco-thriller, and hope to cut 20-30 K between now and this fall. If I have any breaking news, I would come back to post this, while I’m waiting for good news! …


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