My Year in Review, Part 2: September to December

Two nights ago, I’ve posted what I’ve been doing this past spring and summer. Now it’s time to talk about how I’ve been really active this fall and the start of winter. This weekend, I’ll tell you my plans for 2016 are, I promise!

This fall I call it the revenge of the requeries. I know what you’re thinking. You only can requery, if your equery gets lots in cyberspace, when an agent asks you to resend it. But you can requery with a 50/50 shot, if you’ve changed your query and ms since the last time you’ve queried that. I’ve re-queried agents from earlier this year and all the way back to when I’ve first querying, five years ago or so. And thought some agents thank me for a second look and passed, I did lucky this fall with three requeries. 🙂

In September, right of the heels of Pitch Wars, I’ve decided to take that month off from contesting and work on my edits for Venom’s R&R and Chain Reaction’s final edits. I’ve already planned to make my comeback to Nano after a year hiatus. Even after I’ve revised my queries, I’ve gotten a surprise full request from an agent back in August, somehow it slipped through the cracks when I’ve received that email. So now I’ve gotten four agents who wants Venom’s full, which is a big plus plus for me in my book. I’ve gotten some beta readers to help me out with Double Exposure, which I’ve learned from a previous summer contest, I needed to cut it down to 110 K by trimming 40-50 K. A tough feat ahead! As a bonus, I did attend my first full day local conference at the same place and had gotten new insight on writing and editing once more to rev up my writing engines!

Come October, there was two October contests at the same time I’ve tried my luck: Nightmare on Query Street and Pitch Slam. Though I was snubbed for both, I did receive free feedback in a giveaway out of 25 selected winners. And to top it off, I’ve gotten a partial request from another agent for Venom’s first 50 pages and full synopsis. So I’ve sent her my revised synopsis and sent it back to her. Though it came back with personalized feedback–she wanted me to add more surprises and for it to be less dialogue-driven, she did grant me a R&R, though I’m not guaranteed representation. So I took it as a challenge and revamped, deconstructed, reconstructed, move things over, put them together in Venom’s first 50 and sent it back to her with  a new synopsis. Though it’s been 2 months since it happened, I’ve scored another agent for Venom to round it off as five so far! I’ll be happy if she loved the changes I’ve did and hope and pray for a full request in 2016! I’ve also continued to work in Chain Reaction a bit more and prep for Nano.

Full speed ahead in last month, I’ve taken the plunge to go back to Nano with a brand new kick-ass story idea. Instead of writing 1667 words or the 1000 a day from my spring conference, I’ve doubled it at 2000 words in 2 hours a day and made it happen. I also attended two local write-ins and added 2 bonus 1K writing sessions in one hour. I’ve won my 7th Nano at 53 K words right before Thanksgiving and finished the month at around 60 K.  A bolt of tea with a quick breakfast in the morning did the trick… As I took a final contest break and did more query/requery blitzes, Chain Reaction finally scored a 10-page partial request from an agent I’ve queried a few years ago. I’m hoping that it turns into a full next year, too. So I’ve ended up the year with 5 for Venom and 1 for Chain Reaction–6 agents in total! I’ve continued to work on Venom’s R&R for the time being as the main focus, but my beta and I did a quick edit on the 1st 10 pages to send to the agent right away.

Now to end this four-month report with no new bites, nibbles, except for tons of Closed/no response queries and rejections, I’ve done well. I’ve continued to do my 2K/a day for Nanofimo and will do so next month, even I do overwrite it until I hope to be done by March. On the contest notes, there was December’s “Pitch Madness”. After some serous revisions to my 140 character pitches, I did get 3 favorites–one agent, 2 small pubs. For the agent, I’ve sent my revamped 50 pages and heard back from her a week later with a rejection–the funny thing is, a week before I’ve heard back from another agent I’ve requeried at the same agency with a pass. As for the two pubs, one was a new micro-fiction pub who wants YA. But why did they fave my Adult thriller pitch? So I’ve passed on them. As for the other one, it’s a possible, after I’ve done some trimming. And lastly, there was Pitchmas, in which I’ve gotten my last snub, two weeks ago for both the blog and Twitter pitches. One out of 8 is okay. But I hope to be better.

That’s the latest so far! Happy new year! I’ll see you in 2016 with my plans for 2016, in which I hope it’s my year!




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