2016, here I come!

As promised, and a day later, here’s my plans for 2016, in which I hope my dreams will come true. I’ve have broken in down into four major categories: editing, writing, querying and contesting.

Let’s start off with editing.  That’s my main goal and focus for the good first part of the year. I want to get Venom’s R&R done by mid-March and resubmit it to those agents for a second look. Since I’m at the halfway point, I have 17 chapters left plus the epilogue.  If so, I want to  start Specimen around April (maybe for Camp Nano) and finish Specimen by late summer with writing the final chapters and then edit the whole ms with my beta reader in one pass.

I also want to get CR’s final edits done, starting this week with my BR/CP feedback with going over chapter one, and then fast forward with the final 14 chapters to finish by mid-spring. If so, it’ll be ready with Agent A or Agent G wants the full manuscript.  Then I’ve have nipped and snipped two mss in one editing bud.

As for Double Exposure, I hope to resume going over the first three chapters, one more time, with feedback from by CPs from last fall. I’ll go back to this later this month and hope to finish by summer, if I’m so lucky, to cut the word count down to 110 K thereabouts.

As for writing, at this moment, I want to finish Off the Grid by mid to late March and worry about edits until spring. I also hope to attend to online free writing classes to help me write/edit better for the future. Plus, I’ll be attending another local half-day conference in early April to get more inspired.

For querying, I’ll do a  new batch of requerying and querying, two weeks from today. Maybe I’ll get lucky with more rounds of requests to better the odds. I’m also doing some small presses, too, after I do some research on them and their submission guidelines, especially for their word counts. I might have to table it for March or April, if Venom’s not done by then.

As for contests, I’m going to try to do some next month and in March, since I’m taking this month off. Venom will be in contention, if you’re allowed to enter one ms–if it’s more than one, I’ll put Chain Reaction into the mix for winter/spring mss, until others are ready. I’m hoping for better luck this time around and hope for less snubs and short-lists. Maybe I’ll get lucky…

That’s about it for now. If anything new turns up, I’ll pop back up here again with an update. If not, I’ll be back at the end of the month with a progress report so far.





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