My 2016 Pitch Wars mentee bio

Hello Pitch Wars fellow mentees and mentors,

My name is Kristen Howe. This is my 2nd time doing Pitch Wars. Last year, my adult thriller, Venom, had received one request with minimal feedback. One mentor told me that my query was considered and landed on the short list. Since my new manuscript, Diplomatic Immunity, isn’t ready yet, I’m bring Venom back into the fold. Over the past year, it went under many revisions from previous contest and agent feedback. So I’m hoping I’ll be picked this year. (I hope you have no fear of snakes.)

I write mainly thrillers/eco-thrillers and some romantic suspense, too.

Since I’m unemployed, I have plenty of time on my hands to read, research, edit and write. I’ve been a writer for Hub Pages for two years this September; I’ve just starting freelance work at Upwork this month. In the meantime, I go to the gym to do yoga and Pilates to vent out my edit frustrations. I also take naps to decompress and dream revisions and new story ideas.

As for my reading habits, it first started out with Mary HIggins Clark’s Where Are the Children? I read that book in high school and became an avid reader since then. From mysteries, it branched off to cozies, thrillers, romances (except erotica), action adventures, and some sci fi. I rarely read nonfiction. I don’t read horror or lit fiction. My favorite authors have a big list, but they include Iris Johansen, Erica Spindler, Lisa Jackson, John Grisham, and Allison Brennan.

Thank you for reading my bio and considering Venom!


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  1. Good luck!


  2. Best of luck during Pitch Wars. I think I remember your title in QK, because I loved your song title.

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