Nearing the Finish Line

Hello everyone. I know it’s been 3 months since my last update. And I’m here to give you a quick update on the latest on what’s going on. After I posted that blog update, an agent saw my link to my blog in my query, though she requested a mini R&R for Venom’s opening pages, she wanted me to not mention it in this posts. Since I’ve been keeping everything on the down low without mentioning names of agents or small publisher editors in these posts, past and present. So if you want to know who, feel free to send me a Direct Message via Twitter or Facebook Messenger message. (A little over a month ago, I’ve received a 50-page partial from another agent….. Shhh. Let’s keep it a secret and between us.)

On another note, I’m happy to share the news that this week I’ll finish my R&Rs for Venom. The end is finally near and here! After I finish editing the epilogue, it would be sent to a friend of mine who’s also an editor. And she would reading the full ms for free and give me her feedback. If all goes well, it would be sent over to those agents next week before Easter and editors after Easter, depending on their sub guidelines. I’m really hoping I don’t have to do any more edits in that ms from my end. And then I have a long waiting period to hear from them on my fulls this spring. It would be great to hear from them by my 42nd birthday in 80 days or earlier with some freaking good news! I’ll still be querying my heart out and going all in to land more requests if I can.

Next month, I’ll be working on Double Exposure, one of my manuscripts from my backlist. I haven’t worked on finishing edits on it in over a year. And since one of the agents last year asked me to write a synopsis for it, I might have as well take the plunge this spring and get it ready just in case….

I also hope to finish Diplomatic Immunity’s full next weekend as well and send it to those agents and editors after Easter. I probably won’t finish Chain Reaction’s full until maybe late April/early May. I have a hurdle of cutting 20K from there with my beta somehow. No new bites from both manuscripts so far.

As for contests, I had no luck with Pitmad and #SavvyAuthors and Snow vs Snow this year so far, even when I’ve re-entered Chain Reaction after it went on hiatus for 1.5 years. So I hope to maybe enter it for Revpit next month. Pitch Wars is up in the air for now.

For Camp Nano, I’m finishing last year’s spring Camp Nano manuscript, Takedown this spring. Then I’ll finish my political thriller trilogy for summer Camp Nano and Nano this year.

I’m really hoping this is my year to make my dreams come true, hopefully by this summer. Stay tuned and keep your lips sealed!

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  1. Good luck, Kristen. I hope you do make your dreams come true.


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