Looking back for this year/Future outlook for 2015

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My dear friends, sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. Since things have been slow, I had nothing to write about. This have been a helluva year for me, personally and for my writing career, too. It had been too hard for me to write anything down or tried to. Ever since my mother passed away nine months ago, I needed time to regroup and recharge my batteries. My creative output was short-circuited, when my writing well of ideas ran dry. I’ve tried in April for Camp Nano, but it was too soon. I’ve tried in July and got a little bit down. But for Out of Time, which is still now on hold, Shingles struck me and threw me for a loop. Maybe I wasn’t ready yet and needed more time to heal. And then Nano last month…

I was going to try to do it slow and get as far as mid-November. That was my ideal plan. But then I changed my mind, one week before Nano and decided not to do it. I had an an idea for a storyline and not much else down. I’ve been having trouble dreaming, while my sleeping was fine. So this had been a year I’ve taken off for writing only. I was right in my assumptions. It had proven too hard for me to do it, since the eight-month anniversary of her passing and what would’ve been her 71st birthday was too close together on the same week. That’s when I missed my mother the most. So now we’re at the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s Day, when it would’ve been the hardest for me. Thanksgiving was real  nice for just my brother and myself–Christmas this week would be the same way as well.

While I’ve put my writing on hold, until I find new motivation to write next year,  the only thing that kept me going was my main focus on finishing Venom’s and Chain Reaction’s R&R by the end of the year, which won’t happen. But it would be done with my beta reader by mid-January. My BR and I have changed gears from doing chapter sections to whole sections this far. With a couple of chapters left to go (and a little over a hundred pages left to edit), I’m so looking forward to getting it done. I haven’t gotten any new bites on either ms this year. I had to withdraw my partial R&R for Chain Reaction, two months ago, since I haven’t heard from that agent since this past spring on her feedback for the first three chapters. She haven’t replied back to my nudges and final notice of withdrawal, when I also closed it out as a no response. What a shame! But I was tired of the quiet run-around she gave me.

Since 2015 is around my corner, I believe that  2015 might be the year, when my writing dreams will come true, as I take it one step at a time. I’ve sent an email over to those agents who’ve been waiting for my ms for over a year or two. They haven’t given up on me. I thank God for that. If all goes well, I’m hoping it leads to a YES and an offer of representation by an agent. If one agent would take both of them on, all systems go for me. And pretty soon, it would lead me to a publishing contract and an editor. As I promised my mom before she died, I would finish when we started years ago through her sickness and my heart surgery, computer problems, and her death, it would be in print and dedicated to her. That would be a wish to come true. I know she would be smiling down and crying from Heaven. That’s one of my goals for next year, while I’ll help my BR out and pay it forward with her ms.

As for the other publishing options of indie press/small press, e-publishing and self-publishing, I haven’t forgotten about them too. I had some earlier interest, a few years ago, when I had to revise my ms back then. I haven’t forgotten those offers I’ve gotten from Muse Con a few years ago for those pitch sessions. If it’s not too late to send them, if they’re still interest, I would consider them as well.

Once I’ve found new motivation, I hope to get back to writing again by mid-spring, perhaps by Camp Nano April 2015. It might be a new idea or to finish an old one. I would probably start out slow with 250 words a day, which is one page for a starting point. After taking a year off for a break from writing, I hope to get back to full speed real soon and set realistic goals for myself. I also hope to attend a local writers conference or retreat next year, since there was no Muse Con this year. Before I can tackle the bigger and popular ones like Boucheron and Thrillerfest, I’m going to start small and do the weekend, half-day or one-day ones, which are cheaper and recommended for first-timers. My planning to do so are in the works, when I can arrange the funds and transportation to register for it. I would love to try to join RWA’s online chapter, if I can’t go to the local one here and attend two sessions to become a member, or to go to Lori Foster’s Get-Together next summer. When I know anything more, I’ll let you know further. It would be a great way to help re-ignite my writing efforts.

Lastly, I hope to finish editing Double Exposure, something I started last year and stopped with my previous beta reader. I also hope to finish writing and then editing Specimen by the end of the year, too. If I get all of my ducks in the row, I have two new projects lined up for the foreseeable coming year.

Like always, I’m going to take it one step at a time, one day at a time, next year. Until I have anything new to post, I’ll be back here. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Have a blessed holiday season! Until then, I’ll see you in 2015!


Change of plans for now

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First of all everyone, there’s going to be a change of plans. Since I’m not able to monetize my blog posts over here at Word Press, I’ll be doing regular writing-related blog posts here instead, like I did previously before. I’ll be monetizing writing-related blog posts over at Hub Pages. I’ve included the link in the sharing portion of this post.  So please feel free to check it out and share the posts and follow it, too.

Since my last post, I haven’t been able to get back to writing since I failed to do Camp Nano in July. Maybe I did it too early and should try again next month for Nano. I might have to scrap Out of Time and aim for next year sometime. I’m still on the fence for Nano, when this is normally my Nano prep period for next month. If I do plunge ahead for it, I’ll make time for it next week, when I start my gym membership next week. I’ve reserved some time in my schedule to write/edit to keep going with my previous manuscripts. At least, editing with my beta reader helps me keep going forward to get it done—hopefully, by the end of the year, before Christmas and New Year’s Day.

So far, no new word from the agents on either manuscripts. I’ve nudged that agent for Chain Reaction, this week, since it’s been three months since she had it with no word. I did nudge her, two weeks ago, before I moved into my new home. I did inform the agents about another delay–and only have heard from one of them, that it would take long as it takes to get it done and not to rush or worry about it. For Venom, ten chapters have been edited with my beta reader–nine with my local crit group. I haven’t gotten back to chapter 23 since August. I hope to resume it next week. For Chain Reaction, my beta reader and I have done seven chapters and have more to go.

Other than following up with agents, I did query new agents for both manuscripts and hoping for new bites. I’ll keep you posted on anything new that comes up in a week or two.

Back to Basics: Home Office Tips on Computer Desks

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Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner. At this time, there’s tons of Labor Day Weekend sales, along with Back to School/Back to College sales. And for those work, we return back to work after this holiday weekend. If you want to build or rebuild your home office to get more production done on your work–or homework. These tips would work wonders for you and your family. 

First of all, you need to find a room to become your home office at your own home. Whether you live in a house, an apartment or a condo, finding the perfect space is key. If you live in an apartment or condo, if you want to,  you could try to transfer to a two-bedroom apartment or condo, when your lease is up. If you live in a home, if you have a spare room, you can use it for a home office like a den. Otherwise, you can turn your bedroom into a partial home office. For those who go to college, this might not apply, since you live in a dorm or on campus-apartment. If space is limited, you can have a portable home office as well.

The key position is to place your perfect computer desk against the wall and under the window. Depending on how much money you want to spend on your desk, the size or length depends on your preferences. You should keep it simple, sturdy, and nothing fancy for you and your family. You can find them at any department or furniture store, even at IKEA, or at Amazon.com. Feel free to do some comparison to find the right one for you.

Your desk should have plenty of room for your printer, your laptop or desktop computer, and even your TV as a TV stand. If you have a cat or dog that likes to climb on top on your desk to keep your company, while you work, there’s should be room for your pet. You should have at least, two to four drawers tops–the middle drawer is optional, since you’ll need space for leg room and your chair.  Most desks would come with a slot for putting your cords through it, so they won’t get in the way. They also have one for printer paper to shoot through. If yours don’t have it, that’s okay.  It’s optional as well.

There’s three types of computer desks that’s out for there: wood, medal and even glass. If you want a lot of room, go big and long, which would take up most of the wall space. if you want smaller, you can go with the standard desk. You should have plenty of room in your drawers to store your homework or research papers, writing utensils, printer paper, envelopes, mailing labels, etc. You name it. Your desk should have one drawer at each side or one side, minimal. If you want a keyboard tray with your desk, that’s optional and all right as well.

Here’s one example of the perfect wooden long computer desk, which comes in a variety of types of wooden finishes:SCRIPT charset=”utf-8″ type=”text/javascript” src=”http://ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?rt=ss_ssw&ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fkrisboojun-20%2F8003%2F0f0d07e2-d599-4403-b593-05953d131718&Operation=GetScriptTemplate”> Amazon.com WidgetsHere’s one that’s something much smaller that’s in medal for small room or college students: CRIPT charset=”utf-8″ type=”text/javascript” src=”http://ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?rt=ss_mfw&ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fkrisboojun-20%2F8001%2F1c4a6a1a-64b8-4f51-945c-0bb4aacdc55a”> Amazon.com Widgets

So check these two desks out and see if they’re the perfect fit.  This weekend, we’ll do metal, glass and portable laptop desks to finish these week out. Happy shopping!





Starting over

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First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone who follow and read my blog for a five-month hiatus. I had every reason to do it–a real personal one. Five months ago last week, my mother passed away from a year-long battle with Chronic Heart Failure, her 50+ years of smoking, suffering from Emphesema/COPD and other related ailment. Although before she passed away, I was proud of her for quitting smoking, when it was too late, and converting to e-cigarettes until she had a heart attack. After she died, I took a hiatus from writing and editing in order to grieve for my loss. I’ve also alerted the agents who wanted both Venom and Chain Reaction on the delay–and they understood. I’ve also put a hold on querying, until I was ready to continue. Camp Nano in April wasn’t going to happen for me, though my research for Out of Time wasn’t finished.

Slowly but surely, I’ve ended my hiatus in May, emailed the same agents about ending my hiatus, and made little and light progress with light editing on Chain Reaction and Venom. I have ways to go to pick up ground and to pick up the pace. I did get a partial request from one agent this past spring after many rounds of email-tag, until she called me and gave me feedback on Chain Reaction’s first three chapters. With my Beta reader, we went back to the beginning to fix the pace issues in chapter one and checked for them in chapters 2-3.  I did send them in, a week after the 4th of July–and no word yet. I hope to nudge her in two weeks. No news on Venom–though I’m glad my BR will help me finish Venom’s edits to pick up where my mother and I Ieft off. Nonetheless, I hope to get both mss done by Thanksgiving if not earlier.

I haven’t done much writing, since I’ve tried to do Camp Nano last month, when life threw me another curveball. I was happy i was able to pour out new words for a few days, before and after my trip to NY/NJ to scatter the rest of my mother’s ashes. And when I returned, I was stricken with Shingles, which put a kibosh on Camp Nano for the rest of this summer. I’ve also in the planning stages of moving into my own apartment in a few weeks, too.  Until I’m ready to go back to writing this fall, I’ll be only updating you guys on my editing efforts so far on those only two novels I’ve been working on.

So far I’ve edited chapters 1-5 and parts of 5 in Chain Reaction–we’ll go back to chapter 27 this fall. For Venom, chapters 1-10, 22 and parts of chapters 23 have been worked on. We’re getting there, while going over my mother’s final editing notes is a bit rough.  Starting now, I’ll be monetizing this blog. Tomorrow, we’re going back to basics on building a home office at home or at a college dorm. Perfect for Back to School/Back to Work, during Labor Day Weekend sales.  Please feel free to check it out! See you tomorrow!



Writetofinish: Mid-January to February Report

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Sorry I haven’t been back here in a few weeks. I had a rough time trying to get a couple of more rotations done in my writing for my mss, between now and then. All except for one mss have had a partial or full scene done so far. As for my R&Rs, I’m getting closer to the finish line with the final 130 pages for Chain Reaction and 145 pages for Venom. I hope wrap them up and send them out by the end of the month. So for my next report, we’ll have something to celebrate!

For the month of March, I’ll be focusing on fishing writing Specimen and The Shadow Killer and finish editing in Venom and Chain Reaction. I might try to get some quick edits in Double Exposure too, since it’s been months when I’ve last done it.

Here’s the rundown of my editing tallies for my mss from 1/16/14-2/28/14:

Arctic Blast: 106507 (5282 words)
Cave-in: 142452 (6098 words)
Moving Target: 16651 (3131 words–January only)
No Stone Unturned: 171759 (3790 words)
Specimen: 183373 (5569 words)
The Shadow Killer: 4687382 (3453 words)

I’ll be back in Mid-March with the next update!

Writetofinish2014: January First Rounds

January 16, 2014 - Leave a Response

Well, my new version of writetofinish for this year went off without a hitch.  I’ve updated and finished the scenes that I left off with from last year and from where I’m working on for all six mss. Some took two days, some took longer. Now I’m starting a new fresh round of scenes to finish out the month. I figured, two scenes done per month is good as it enough to get it done–especially for The Shadow Killer and Specimen by the end of February.  No new news on requests so far, as I’ve been looking for agents to query for both mss, while I’m working hard to finish Venom’s and Specimen’s R&R by mid-February. 


Here’s the first rotations roundup for this month with their update word counts:

Arctic Blast: 101225 (3536 words)

Cave-in:  15354 (2149 words)

Moving Target: 13520 (2910 words)

No Stone Unturned: 171759 (1743 words)

The Shadow Killer: 567, 7674 (3260 words)

Specimen: 177804 (7440 words)


That’s it for now. I’ll be back in two weeks.


Writetofinish: December 2013 wrapup and 2014 plans

January 1, 2014 - Leave a Response

To close out 2013 and to welcome 2014 with opened arms, here’s what happened in December. Although I’ve picked up the pace and devised a new editing/writing plan for next year, between fatigue and a bad cold, I wrote the majority of this month and missed a few days, while I’ll put the other mss on the back-burner for now.  I’ll explain my new plan later. While nothing new came my way for Venom, I did land a four-chapter partial request from one agent for Chain Reaction, a little over a week ago.  The original agent I queried this fall didn’t reply to my query when I nudged her. But the head agent told me she’s now focusing on special projects and directed me to a new agent. The next day, she requested CR’s chapters, since she told me she had initial interest in it. I hope it brings good luck in 2014, which is just around the corner.

In December, I wrote 14061 words in The Shadow Killer. November’s word count was 4660353 words in total. Now it’s at 4674414 words to close out the year. For Moving Target, I wrote 10, 610 words for December 2013. My word count now stands at 63,716 to close out this year.

Now here’s my plans for 2014: I’ll finish Venom’s and Chain Reaction’s R&R by the end of January 2014. It would lead to a yes and a contract with an agent and a pub deal for both mss. That’s a good way to kickstart the new year. I also hope to finish writing Specimen by mid-February and finish editing to complete it by April 2014. I also hope to finish writing The Shadow Killer in a month, before I’ll conquer the 300+ words to edit down in the months to come in spring.

Since I’m behind in writing/editing in Cave-in, No Stone Unturned, Arctic Blast and Specimen, I’m going to take #writetofinish to #writetofinish a scene/chapter. I’ll work on two manuscripts at a time, not four or six anymore. When I finish a chapter/scene for one mss, it’s going on break. I’ll rotate my mss until I get another chapter or scene done and finish where I left off. The break would be for a day or two, depending on how much I need to finish. This will help me get caught up with my writing and keep it going. I’ll keep it going through the end of the year. That’s at least 3 pages a day per ms. So that’s going to start this week, when I finish The Shadow Killer’s and Moving Target’s scene tomorrow. I’ll let you know in the next posts, when I switched mss and give the other a break a rest, while I’ll dream those new scenes for these mss. Wish me luck! Happy new year!

Writetofinish: Fall/Early Winter catchup

December 28, 2013 - Leave a Response

Sorry I haven’t been on this blog for the past four months. It’s been a crazy hectic fall for me. My mother’s been hospitalized in September and last month. Before Nano 2014, things calmed down, while I didn’t have much to report her. During Nano left month, I’ve won my 7th year in the row with Moving Target–another old dream idea revitalized with modern twists. I know it’s not an excuse for my absence. But I’m going to make up for it with a brief update on this fall since September 1st, 2013, when I lost reported it back over here.

This fall, I’ve had some hits and misses for Venom and Chain Reaction. I’ve learned about #MSWL on Twitter, short for Manuscript Wish List, when agents, publishers and editors tweet their ms slush pile wishes. I’ve found two for Venom and Chain Reaction which turned out to be rejections. I’ve learned about #adpit (adult fiction pitch) before Muse Con 2013, and tried that out in mid-October. I did get one bite for Chain Reaction with a partial request from the same agent who turned Venom down via #MSWL, the month before. She didn’t connect with the characters and turned it down, too. I’ve learned about Writers Helping Writers before Nano and submitted the first pages and queries for both Venom and Chain Reaction to help turn things around from two new author friends. We’ll just have to wait to see how it turned out in 2014.

As for Venom itself, besides taking some time off and checking in with those agents who’re waiting for them, I hope to finish the R&R, a month from today. I have the final ten chapters left, which is including the epilogue. That’s about 175 pages to go. As for Chain Reaction, sans my beta reader, I’ve taking some time off and have worked on it, on and off. I have 130 pages to go. I hope to finish that one around the same time. I’m really thinking that 2014 is the year, when I hope to land an agent by mid-winter and a pub deal by spring for both mss. Fingers crossed.

Here’s the fall roundup on my manuscript with the final word count for my mss, excluding this month. That will be posted on Monday’s Year Ahead blog post with the hopes and dreams in 2014, when I’ll introduce my new writing/editing plan, too.

Here’s where my mss stand as of now:
Double Exposure–I’ve done little editing in Double Exposure and will be resumed in January.
Specimen–I wrote 2904 words in September and 1552 words in October. The word count is now at 170364. I hope to finish Specimen in a month.
No Stone Unturned–I wrote 809 words in September and taking the rest of the months off. The word count is now at 170016. I’ll resume NSU next month and finish the story by next summer, I hope.
Cave-in–I wrote 1201 words in September and took the rest of the months off. The word count is now at 134205. I’ll resume it also in 2014.
Arctic Blast–I wrote 9877 words in September, 7892 words in October and 6942 words last month. The word count is now at 97689 as of 11/25/13. I took this month off and resume it next month.
Moving Target–I wrote a total of 53,106 words to win Nano last month. I’ve continued to write it for Nanofimo this winter.
The Shadow Killer–I wrote 14,348 words in September, 15, 290 words in October, and 12,586 words last month. TSK will finally be done a month from there. I’ll post the word count on Monday for November. I’m getting close to the end and dreading my 100K+ words I have to edit in 2014.

Until then, I’ll see you on Monday for my final post for 2013 and get ready for 2014 ahead of us…

Write to Finish: May/Summer Recap

September 1, 2013 - Leave a Response

I apologize for not posting here in four months. My writing have been sporadic and very little, especially in the summer, for a few mss, while it went up higher for others. I also experienced back pain in my lower back and couldn’t sleep well and felt drained. I’ve been attending physical therapy for a month now and feeling better, day by day. So I hope to be back here, maybe twice a month, if not monthly, like I used to. Plus, a week from Tuesday, it’s my one year anniversary, since I had open heart surgery. Overall, I haven’t gotten any new bites on Venom and Chain Reaction since mid-spring, while I’ve been working on getting my R&Rs done. I’ve queried new agents and other agents to no avail, but I’m not giving up. I hope to finally finish Venom with 23 chapters to go with 216 pages, and Chain Reaction with 7 chapters left with 130 pages to go, by the end of this month, if not earlier. I’ve also resumed editing with a second beta reader in Double Exposure and have been working on the first two chapters with new revisions.Better real late than never, I suppose.

Two months ago, I plunged back in to Julno with Arctic Blast, my new eco-thriller I set during a cold Alaskan winter. It’s been 1.5 years since my last eco-thriller I’ve written and did it for my first Camp Nano experience, too. Instead of during daily writing quotas per day, I’m going to do the monthly average (including May 1st and 2nd) for the spring tally.

May/Summer Monthly recap total:
Arctic Blast updated word count: 72176–51236 words written in July, 20109 words written in August.
Cave-in updated word count: 133004—3656 words in May, 4061 words in June, 1522 words in July, 1025 words in August.
No Stone Unturned updated word count: 169207–4427 words in May, 3569 words in June, 716 words in July and 702 words in August.
Specimen updated word count: 166198–5557 words in May, 8256 words in June, 3845 words in July and 2839 words in August.
The Shadow Killer updated word count: 420254–32736 words in May, 63473 words in June, 30549 words in July and 22407 words in August.

Write to Finish: April Surprises

May 2, 2013 - Leave a Response

Sorry I haven’t been back here in over a month. In retrospect, April was a rough and bad writing/editing month for me. It also brought me some luck, too, for both of my manuscripts. As we’re one month away from Camp Nano/Julno prep for Arctic Blast, my next eco-thriller in a little over a year, I’m gearing up to get closer and closer to the finish line. I’m making steady progress in both of my R&Rs and hope to finish in 9 weeks, around July 15th, 2013. So far, I’ve gotten 11 out of 32 chapters done in Venom, while I’m reworking chapter 8 a bit from my writing group’s feedback from last month. As for Chain Reaction, I have 182 pages left to go over with my beta reader in the next two-and-a-half months. I believe I’ll finish Specimen by the end of May, Cave-in by mid-July, No Stone Unturned by August and The Shadow Killer by mid-July as well. I’ve started final edits in Double Exposure with a second beta reader and need to do some editing and more writing in it. So we’ll see how it goes this weekend.

Other than April was a bad month for me in No Stone Unturned and a bit for Cave-in, I hope May would be better. Almost two weeks, I scored an exclusive full for Venom from a new agent I queried on the same day. That would go out in July, when it’s ready. They hope to make an exception, if I’ve sent it out to other agents. I’m planning to send it out first along with my two R&Rs and then my full last. A little over a week ago, I’ve scored a partial request for Chain Reaction from the same agent I queried for Venom last year (and got rejected) and a detailed outline to go with it. I never did one before. It’s brutal, just like doing a synopsis. But I sent it out yesterday after working on it for a whole week. It could lead to a full reject or an offer of representation–my beta reader said it’s cool and I did a good job with it. Fingers crossed.

So here’s my word count for my four novels as it stands for April:
Cave-in: 123315 (I wrote 5271 words in 10 days out of 30),
No Stone Unturned 149092 (I wrote 12,498 in 5 days out of 30),
Specimen: 133994 (I wrote 11,996 words in 14 days out of 30),
The Shadow Killer 267029 (I wrote 32,418 words in 23 days out of 30.)

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