My 2016 Pitch Wars mentee bio

July 12, 2016 - 2 Responses

Hello Pitch Wars fellow mentees and mentors,

My name is Kristen Howe. This is my 2nd time doing Pitch Wars. Last year, my adult thriller, Venom, had received one request with minimal feedback. One mentor told me that my query was considered and landed on the short list. Since my new manuscript, Diplomatic Immunity, isn’t ready yet, I’m bring Venom back into the fold. Over the past year, it went under many revisions from previous contest and agent feedback. So I’m hoping I’ll be picked this year. (I hope you have no fear of snakes.)

I write mainly thrillers/eco-thrillers and some romantic suspense, too.

Since I’m unemployed, I have plenty of time on my hands to read, research, edit and write. I’ve been a writer for Hub Pages for two years this September; I’ve just starting freelance work at Upwork this month. In the meantime, I go to the gym to do yoga and Pilates to vent out my edit frustrations. I also take naps to decompress and dream revisions and new story ideas.

As for my reading habits, it first started out with Mary HIggins Clark’s Where Are the Children? I read that book in high school and became an avid reader since then. From mysteries, it branched off to cozies, thrillers, romances (except erotica), action adventures, and some sci fi. I rarely read nonfiction. I don’t read horror or lit fiction. My favorite authors have a big list, but they include Iris Johansen, Erica Spindler, Lisa Jackson, John Grisham, and Allison Brennan.

Thank you for reading my bio and considering Venom!

Son of a Pitch Blog entry

February 15, 2016 - 5 Responses

Title: Venom

Age category:  Adult Thriller/Eco-thriller

Word count: 108, 000

Query: Dear Agent,

Based on your interest in thrillers, I hope VENOM, a 108,000 word eco-thriller will suit your list.

When herpetologist Kylie Marx investigates the slaughter of rare endangered skinks, an infestation of snakes, scorpions, and a variety of creepy crawlers invades the Key West area. During a blackout, they escaped from their crates from a semi crash hit a telephone pole. With a looming anti-venom shortage, Kylie and her fellow scientists scours the town to milk venomous reptiles and amphibians to make anti-venom. Kylie fears she won’t have enough time to cover every bite with fresh anti-venom, because they could die. She explores the option of creating synthetic anti-venom. Until things take a serpentine turn for the worse. She deduces that the man responsible for the outbreak is the same person who left her for dead in the Everglades twelve years ago. Now Vaughan St. Croix breeds dangerous hybrid snakes and sells his poached kills on the black market. His evil presence is no coincidence. It coincides with the National Zoological Symposium for Endangered Species.

 St. Croix threatens Kylie and her new friends with an ultimatum: produce a vial of synthetic anti-venom for his deathly ill sister by midnight. Or  watch those around her succumb to fatal venom.

Si Rosser’s TIPPING POINT meets Erica Spindler’s JUSTICE FOR SARA, when an alarming infestation of deadly snakes hits Key West, sending the small town into a panic.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kristen Howe

First 250 words:

Chapter 1

Kylie studied the Solomon Islands dark green skinks climbing the glass walls of its tank in slow motion. Such a rare species to exhibit, she examined the long slender male consuming a diet of fruits and vegetables. On a quiet morning at the reptiles section of the Naples Zoo, she waited for the female to emerge and be courted. Before she could check the Key West Mole Skinks in the second tank,  her older sister bolted into her office.

Penny breathed heavily as she came to a halt. “Kylie! Did you check your texts?”

“No. What’s up?”

“All your hard work finally paid off. You got the grant!”

“You’re kidding. How do you know?”

While Penny explained the details of her financial endowment for research, Kylie’s heart wanted to explode with joy. This was a big opportunity for her to shine!

Giddy with excitement, Kylie hugged her sister. “I kept wondering when I would hear. I thought I wasn’t going to get it.” With no word on their end, she feared they turned down her proposal for her research.

“I know it’s last minute. But the National Zoological Symposium is worth it.” She paused. “But we’re going to look into the delay, while you get your ass to the airport.”

Both Kylie and Penny worked at the Naples Zoo in Caribbean Gardens, a nonprofit organization cooperating in conversation, both inside and outside the wild for endangered species.

“When’s the flight?” Kylie asked.

“It leaves in two and a half hours.”

2016, here I come!

January 5, 2016 - Leave a Response

As promised, and a day later, here’s my plans for 2016, in which I hope my dreams will come true. I’ve have broken in down into four major categories: editing, writing, querying and contesting.

Let’s start off with editing.  That’s my main goal and focus for the good first part of the year. I want to get Venom’s R&R done by mid-March and resubmit it to those agents for a second look. Since I’m at the halfway point, I have 17 chapters left plus the epilogue.  If so, I want to  start Specimen around April (maybe for Camp Nano) and finish Specimen by late summer with writing the final chapters and then edit the whole ms with my beta reader in one pass.

I also want to get CR’s final edits done, starting this week with my BR/CP feedback with going over chapter one, and then fast forward with the final 14 chapters to finish by mid-spring. If so, it’ll be ready with Agent A or Agent G wants the full manuscript.  Then I’ve have nipped and snipped two mss in one editing bud.

As for Double Exposure, I hope to resume going over the first three chapters, one more time, with feedback from by CPs from last fall. I’ll go back to this later this month and hope to finish by summer, if I’m so lucky, to cut the word count down to 110 K thereabouts.

As for writing, at this moment, I want to finish Off the Grid by mid to late March and worry about edits until spring. I also hope to attend to online free writing classes to help me write/edit better for the future. Plus, I’ll be attending another local half-day conference in early April to get more inspired.

For querying, I’ll do a  new batch of requerying and querying, two weeks from today. Maybe I’ll get lucky with more rounds of requests to better the odds. I’m also doing some small presses, too, after I do some research on them and their submission guidelines, especially for their word counts. I might have to table it for March or April, if Venom’s not done by then.

As for contests, I’m going to try to do some next month and in March, since I’m taking this month off. Venom will be in contention, if you’re allowed to enter one ms–if it’s more than one, I’ll put Chain Reaction into the mix for winter/spring mss, until others are ready. I’m hoping for better luck this time around and hope for less snubs and short-lists. Maybe I’ll get lucky…

That’s about it for now. If anything new turns up, I’ll pop back up here again with an update. If not, I’ll be back at the end of the month with a progress report so far.




My Year in Review, Part 2: September to December

December 31, 2015 - Leave a Response

Two nights ago, I’ve posted what I’ve been doing this past spring and summer. Now it’s time to talk about how I’ve been really active this fall and the start of winter. This weekend, I’ll tell you my plans for 2016 are, I promise!

This fall I call it the revenge of the requeries. I know what you’re thinking. You only can requery, if your equery gets lots in cyberspace, when an agent asks you to resend it. But you can requery with a 50/50 shot, if you’ve changed your query and ms since the last time you’ve queried that. I’ve re-queried agents from earlier this year and all the way back to when I’ve first querying, five years ago or so. And thought some agents thank me for a second look and passed, I did lucky this fall with three requeries.🙂

In September, right of the heels of Pitch Wars, I’ve decided to take that month off from contesting and work on my edits for Venom’s R&R and Chain Reaction’s final edits. I’ve already planned to make my comeback to Nano after a year hiatus. Even after I’ve revised my queries, I’ve gotten a surprise full request from an agent back in August, somehow it slipped through the cracks when I’ve received that email. So now I’ve gotten four agents who wants Venom’s full, which is a big plus plus for me in my book. I’ve gotten some beta readers to help me out with Double Exposure, which I’ve learned from a previous summer contest, I needed to cut it down to 110 K by trimming 40-50 K. A tough feat ahead! As a bonus, I did attend my first full day local conference at the same place and had gotten new insight on writing and editing once more to rev up my writing engines!

Come October, there was two October contests at the same time I’ve tried my luck: Nightmare on Query Street and Pitch Slam. Though I was snubbed for both, I did receive free feedback in a giveaway out of 25 selected winners. And to top it off, I’ve gotten a partial request from another agent for Venom’s first 50 pages and full synopsis. So I’ve sent her my revised synopsis and sent it back to her. Though it came back with personalized feedback–she wanted me to add more surprises and for it to be less dialogue-driven, she did grant me a R&R, though I’m not guaranteed representation. So I took it as a challenge and revamped, deconstructed, reconstructed, move things over, put them together in Venom’s first 50 and sent it back to her with  a new synopsis. Though it’s been 2 months since it happened, I’ve scored another agent for Venom to round it off as five so far! I’ll be happy if she loved the changes I’ve did and hope and pray for a full request in 2016! I’ve also continued to work in Chain Reaction a bit more and prep for Nano.

Full speed ahead in last month, I’ve taken the plunge to go back to Nano with a brand new kick-ass story idea. Instead of writing 1667 words or the 1000 a day from my spring conference, I’ve doubled it at 2000 words in 2 hours a day and made it happen. I also attended two local write-ins and added 2 bonus 1K writing sessions in one hour. I’ve won my 7th Nano at 53 K words right before Thanksgiving and finished the month at around 60 K.  A bolt of tea with a quick breakfast in the morning did the trick… As I took a final contest break and did more query/requery blitzes, Chain Reaction finally scored a 10-page partial request from an agent I’ve queried a few years ago. I’m hoping that it turns into a full next year, too. So I’ve ended up the year with 5 for Venom and 1 for Chain Reaction–6 agents in total! I’ve continued to work on Venom’s R&R for the time being as the main focus, but my beta and I did a quick edit on the 1st 10 pages to send to the agent right away.

Now to end this four-month report with no new bites, nibbles, except for tons of Closed/no response queries and rejections, I’ve done well. I’ve continued to do my 2K/a day for Nanofimo and will do so next month, even I do overwrite it until I hope to be done by March. On the contest notes, there was December’s “Pitch Madness”. After some serous revisions to my 140 character pitches, I did get 3 favorites–one agent, 2 small pubs. For the agent, I’ve sent my revamped 50 pages and heard back from her a week later with a rejection–the funny thing is, a week before I’ve heard back from another agent I’ve requeried at the same agency with a pass. As for the two pubs, one was a new micro-fiction pub who wants YA. But why did they fave my Adult thriller pitch? So I’ve passed on them. As for the other one, it’s a possible, after I’ve done some trimming. And lastly, there was Pitchmas, in which I’ve gotten my last snub, two weeks ago for both the blog and Twitter pitches. One out of 8 is okay. But I hope to be better.

That’s the latest so far! Happy new year! I’ll see you in 2016 with my plans for 2016, in which I hope it’s my year!



Year in Review, part one: March to August

December 28, 2015 - Leave a Response

Sorry everyone I haven’t been here in months. My Muse was down and very little was going on. Since this is going to be a long post, I’m breaking it up into two parts–one tonight, and one tomorrow or Tuesday night. I’m going to pick up where it left off and give you a monthly update, one at a time, and will give you in the end, where I stand now and what I have planned for next year, too.

In March, while I still have three standing R&Rs for Venom, I’ve continued to work on my manuscript with my beta. I’ve used the feedback I’ve gotten from those two agents to tone done action and make the dialogue realistic. I’ve also did my first meditative walk in honor of my mother’s memory to mark the first year since she passed. It helped to give me an idea to go back to writing with a couple of ideas. But I feared it might’ve been a bit too early and wait awhile. No new bites came in for Double Exposure and Chain Reaction, when I’ve also worked on them with my beta reader, too. I also went to my first local writing conference, which was a half-day, and attended few classes. It helped me give me new ideas on how to write and edit better for future novels. What a wake-up call!

In April, as I continue to work on my R&R, my other mss and query, I’ve tried Camp Nano by revitalizing an old storyline and modernize it a bit. Well I did manage to do 20 K out of my planned 25. But I’ve put that ms to the side. Maybe I wasn’t ready yet, but it was a rough start. I still dream-plot, no matter what. As for May, it was the same deal by continue to write and edit and query. And that’s when a new idea hit me at the end for summer Camp Nano or for regular Nano this fall, when I had that dream plot for it, too.

So let’s call this spring a spring awakening to mu Muse, as this summer was a summer blast of contesting and kicking it into high gear. And I owe it to my beta who told me about it in June. Since Agent A was still “considering” Venom and did ask for future projects back in March, I’ve kept on working on my R&R and my mss with edits, and continue to query along to hope to get some new bites land me some requests. I was a bit apprehensive on doing the first contest, since I didn’t feel ready. But since she did it with me, I took the plunge and dove right in with “Pitch to Publication” with Venom, Chain Reaction and deliberated on Double Exposure, since of the high word count. I’ve selected my five mentors, met some new Twitter friends, and waited for the first results. At the same time, there was “pg70pit” at the same week and entered Venom in. For both contests, I’ve gotten feedback to fix sentence structure and summarize paragraphs, though I’ve been short-listed twice. Not a bad start to know I’m so close and getting there. It’s better than being snubbed, right?

In July, I’ve contacted Agent A and checked on Venom’s status. I also reminded her of Chain Reaction and Double Exposure as my future projects. She said she wanted to see it with her co-agent, but didn’t state if it was a full or partial request. So my beta reader and I worked on it as partials and sent it back to her. Six months later, no word from her, since her last email stating it was in her queue with no other feedback on it. With no bites for either ms, I’ve waited and planned to wait to write until November, when If I felt more than ready to take the challenge on returning to Nano after a year off. So I tried the “New Agent” Pitch Contest that month and got my first snub.

As for August, I’ve continued with the waiting game by sending out batches of queries, continue on editing and summoned my Muse from mid-summer to return with new ideas. And I went with one and rolled with it. With no word from Agent A, I entered my last summer contest, Pitch Slam, and selected five mentors to pick Venom, since the results ended up in summer. I’ve made new friends, picked up some new beta readers to work on Double Exposure, and came close again with new editorial feedback with another short list. Other than to polish my ms, they liked the action in the beginning, great concept and cool, interesting premise, other than that feedback, and I came close with the elements of my query to be selected, two mentors had to pass, because it was out of their balliwick and one didn’t gave me any feedback for it.

That was my spring and summer in a nutshell. Stay tuned for my fall and early winter recap in a night or two…

Waiting Game

March 1, 2015 - Leave a Response

Friends, there’s a reason why I’m labeling this blog post the waiting game–well, maybe two reasons. Since my last blog post, both of my manuscripts, Venom and Chain Reaction, have been completed with final edits and deemed finished, as of almost a month ago. I came through with my promise to my mother to finish what we’ve started… with the help from my fabulous beta reader and friend. Now both mss have been submitted to agents, a couple via email, and one via snail mail. Now I have one more month to wait to hear back from them, before I nudge them with an answer. Their response times was three weeks to eight weeks. I hope that better late than never was well worth the wait to get a positive YES! from an agent and an offer for representation to move forward with a pub deal. Or the true adage of no news is good news paid off in the end.

I do have a tiny bit of news. The one agent with an exclusive offer to see it first had to decline, since I sent them all out in the same, since these agents waited for the fulls, more than a year or more to see the finished product. I’ve called her Agent C. As for Agent D, he did thank me for sending me my full for Venom. Though he had a full digital list of reading ahead of him, he promised to give my ms preferential treatment to read mine, and get back to me, when he was done reading it. I wish all the agents felt that way. I also had gotten a referral from a fellow Twitter author friend to send my ms over to her agent, (who had declined both of my mss back in fall 2010) with a fresh new look. (I call her Agent F, when her response time of one month expires next Friday, before I nudge her in the following week.)

Another reason why I call this post the waiting game is because of thinking of new storyline ideas. My mind’s been dormant from a slumber, since losing my mother almost a year ago, and then Shingles last summer, had zapped my creative juices and drained me of any sparking ideas. It’s been that way for six months, since last fall. As Camp Nano is one month away from tomorrow, I do have a back-up plan. If no ideas come to true, I’ll go back to one of my pre-Nano mss and finish what I started a decade ago without editing it or seeing previous feedback. I would have to re-read it to refresh my memory and then dream the rest of the novel. I would start slow and work my way up from doing 250 words a day and progress from there. So that’s my project for this spring and maybe early summer before summer Camp Nano/Julno, when a new idea would strike me again.(Or maybe this fall, if it takes me longer. We’ll see.)

Also in my meantime, in about 2.5 weeks or so, my beta reader and I would be working on Double Exposure, my second Nano eco-thriller, and hope to cut 20-30 K between now and this fall. If I have any breaking news, I would come back to post this, while I’m waiting for good news! …

Looking back for this year/Future outlook for 2015

December 22, 2014 - Leave a Response

My dear friends, sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. Since things have been slow, I had nothing to write about. This have been a helluva year for me, personally and for my writing career, too. It had been too hard for me to write anything down or tried to. Ever since my mother passed away nine months ago, I needed time to regroup and recharge my batteries. My creative output was short-circuited, when my writing well of ideas ran dry. I’ve tried in April for Camp Nano, but it was too soon. I’ve tried in July and got a little bit down. But for Out of Time, which is still now on hold, Shingles struck me and threw me for a loop. Maybe I wasn’t ready yet and needed more time to heal. And then Nano last month…

I was going to try to do it slow and get as far as mid-November. That was my ideal plan. But then I changed my mind, one week before Nano and decided not to do it. I had an an idea for a storyline and not much else down. I’ve been having trouble dreaming, while my sleeping was fine. So this had been a year I’ve taken off for writing only. I was right in my assumptions. It had proven too hard for me to do it, since the eight-month anniversary of her passing and what would’ve been her 71st birthday was too close together on the same week. That’s when I missed my mother the most. So now we’re at the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s Day, when it would’ve been the hardest for me. Thanksgiving was real  nice for just my brother and myself–Christmas this week would be the same way as well.

While I’ve put my writing on hold, until I find new motivation to write next year,  the only thing that kept me going was my main focus on finishing Venom’s and Chain Reaction’s R&R by the end of the year, which won’t happen. But it would be done with my beta reader by mid-January. My BR and I have changed gears from doing chapter sections to whole sections this far. With a couple of chapters left to go (and a little over a hundred pages left to edit), I’m so looking forward to getting it done. I haven’t gotten any new bites on either ms this year. I had to withdraw my partial R&R for Chain Reaction, two months ago, since I haven’t heard from that agent since this past spring on her feedback for the first three chapters. She haven’t replied back to my nudges and final notice of withdrawal, when I also closed it out as a no response. What a shame! But I was tired of the quiet run-around she gave me.

Since 2015 is around my corner, I believe that  2015 might be the year, when my writing dreams will come true, as I take it one step at a time. I’ve sent an email over to those agents who’ve been waiting for my ms for over a year or two. They haven’t given up on me. I thank God for that. If all goes well, I’m hoping it leads to a YES and an offer of representation by an agent. If one agent would take both of them on, all systems go for me. And pretty soon, it would lead me to a publishing contract and an editor. As I promised my mom before she died, I would finish when we started years ago through her sickness and my heart surgery, computer problems, and her death, it would be in print and dedicated to her. That would be a wish to come true. I know she would be smiling down and crying from Heaven. That’s one of my goals for next year, while I’ll help my BR out and pay it forward with her ms.

As for the other publishing options of indie press/small press, e-publishing and self-publishing, I haven’t forgotten about them too. I had some earlier interest, a few years ago, when I had to revise my ms back then. I haven’t forgotten those offers I’ve gotten from Muse Con a few years ago for those pitch sessions. If it’s not too late to send them, if they’re still interest, I would consider them as well.

Once I’ve found new motivation, I hope to get back to writing again by mid-spring, perhaps by Camp Nano April 2015. It might be a new idea or to finish an old one. I would probably start out slow with 250 words a day, which is one page for a starting point. After taking a year off for a break from writing, I hope to get back to full speed real soon and set realistic goals for myself. I also hope to attend a local writers conference or retreat next year, since there was no Muse Con this year. Before I can tackle the bigger and popular ones like Boucheron and Thrillerfest, I’m going to start small and do the weekend, half-day or one-day ones, which are cheaper and recommended for first-timers. My planning to do so are in the works, when I can arrange the funds and transportation to register for it. I would love to try to join RWA’s online chapter, if I can’t go to the local one here and attend two sessions to become a member, or to go to Lori Foster’s Get-Together next summer. When I know anything more, I’ll let you know further. It would be a great way to help re-ignite my writing efforts.

Lastly, I hope to finish editing Double Exposure, something I started last year and stopped with my previous beta reader. I also hope to finish writing and then editing Specimen by the end of the year, too. If I get all of my ducks in the row, I have two new projects lined up for the foreseeable coming year.

Like always, I’m going to take it one step at a time, one day at a time, next year. Until I have anything new to post, I’ll be back here. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Have a blessed holiday season! Until then, I’ll see you in 2015!

Change of plans for now

October 3, 2014 - Leave a Response

First of all everyone, there’s going to be a change of plans. Since I’m not able to monetize my blog posts over here at Word Press, I’ll be doing regular writing-related blog posts here instead, like I did previously before. I’ll be monetizing writing-related blog posts over at Hub Pages. I’ve included the link in the sharing portion of this post.  So please feel free to check it out and share the posts and follow it, too.

Since my last post, I haven’t been able to get back to writing since I failed to do Camp Nano in July. Maybe I did it too early and should try again next month for Nano. I might have to scrap Out of Time and aim for next year sometime. I’m still on the fence for Nano, when this is normally my Nano prep period for next month. If I do plunge ahead for it, I’ll make time for it next week, when I start my gym membership next week. I’ve reserved some time in my schedule to write/edit to keep going with my previous manuscripts. At least, editing with my beta reader helps me keep going forward to get it done—hopefully, by the end of the year, before Christmas and New Year’s Day.

So far, no new word from the agents on either manuscripts. I’ve nudged that agent for Chain Reaction, this week, since it’s been three months since she had it with no word. I did nudge her, two weeks ago, before I moved into my new home. I did inform the agents about another delay–and only have heard from one of them, that it would take long as it takes to get it done and not to rush or worry about it. For Venom, ten chapters have been edited with my beta reader–nine with my local crit group. I haven’t gotten back to chapter 23 since August. I hope to resume it next week. For Chain Reaction, my beta reader and I have done seven chapters and have more to go.

Other than following up with agents, I did query new agents for both manuscripts and hoping for new bites. I’ll keep you posted on anything new that comes up in a week or two.

Back to Basics: Home Office Tips on Computer Desks

August 27, 2014 - Leave a Response

Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner. At this time, there’s tons of Labor Day Weekend sales, along with Back to School/Back to College sales. And for those work, we return back to work after this holiday weekend. If you want to build or rebuild your home office to get more production done on your work–or homework. These tips would work wonders for you and your family. 

First of all, you need to find a room to become your home office at your own home. Whether you live in a house, an apartment or a condo, finding the perfect space is key. If you live in an apartment or condo, if you want to,  you could try to transfer to a two-bedroom apartment or condo, when your lease is up. If you live in a home, if you have a spare room, you can use it for a home office like a den. Otherwise, you can turn your bedroom into a partial home office. For those who go to college, this might not apply, since you live in a dorm or on campus-apartment. If space is limited, you can have a portable home office as well.

The key position is to place your perfect computer desk against the wall and under the window. Depending on how much money you want to spend on your desk, the size or length depends on your preferences. You should keep it simple, sturdy, and nothing fancy for you and your family. You can find them at any department or furniture store, even at IKEA, or at Feel free to do some comparison to find the right one for you.

Your desk should have plenty of room for your printer, your laptop or desktop computer, and even your TV as a TV stand. If you have a cat or dog that likes to climb on top on your desk to keep your company, while you work, there’s should be room for your pet. You should have at least, two to four drawers tops–the middle drawer is optional, since you’ll need space for leg room and your chair.  Most desks would come with a slot for putting your cords through it, so they won’t get in the way. They also have one for printer paper to shoot through. If yours don’t have it, that’s okay.  It’s optional as well.

There’s three types of computer desks that’s out for there: wood, medal and even glass. If you want a lot of room, go big and long, which would take up most of the wall space. if you want smaller, you can go with the standard desk. You should have plenty of room in your drawers to store your homework or research papers, writing utensils, printer paper, envelopes, mailing labels, etc. You name it. Your desk should have one drawer at each side or one side, minimal. If you want a keyboard tray with your desk, that’s optional and all right as well.

Here’s one example of the perfect wooden long computer desk, which comes in a variety of types of wooden finishes:SCRIPT charset=”utf-8″ type=”text/javascript” src=””> WidgetsHere’s one that’s something much smaller that’s in medal for small room or college students: CRIPT charset=”utf-8″ type=”text/javascript” src=””> Widgets

So check these two desks out and see if they’re the perfect fit.  This weekend, we’ll do metal, glass and portable laptop desks to finish these week out. Happy shopping!





Starting over

August 26, 2014 - Leave a Response

First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone who follow and read my blog for a five-month hiatus. I had every reason to do it–a real personal one. Five months ago last week, my mother passed away from a year-long battle with Chronic Heart Failure, her 50+ years of smoking, suffering from Emphesema/COPD and other related ailment. Although before she passed away, I was proud of her for quitting smoking, when it was too late, and converting to e-cigarettes until she had a heart attack. After she died, I took a hiatus from writing and editing in order to grieve for my loss. I’ve also alerted the agents who wanted both Venom and Chain Reaction on the delay–and they understood. I’ve also put a hold on querying, until I was ready to continue. Camp Nano in April wasn’t going to happen for me, though my research for Out of Time wasn’t finished.

Slowly but surely, I’ve ended my hiatus in May, emailed the same agents about ending my hiatus, and made little and light progress with light editing on Chain Reaction and Venom. I have ways to go to pick up ground and to pick up the pace. I did get a partial request from one agent this past spring after many rounds of email-tag, until she called me and gave me feedback on Chain Reaction’s first three chapters. With my Beta reader, we went back to the beginning to fix the pace issues in chapter one and checked for them in chapters 2-3.  I did send them in, a week after the 4th of July–and no word yet. I hope to nudge her in two weeks. No news on Venom–though I’m glad my BR will help me finish Venom’s edits to pick up where my mother and I Ieft off. Nonetheless, I hope to get both mss done by Thanksgiving if not earlier.

I haven’t done much writing, since I’ve tried to do Camp Nano last month, when life threw me another curveball. I was happy i was able to pour out new words for a few days, before and after my trip to NY/NJ to scatter the rest of my mother’s ashes. And when I returned, I was stricken with Shingles, which put a kibosh on Camp Nano for the rest of this summer. I’ve also in the planning stages of moving into my own apartment in a few weeks, too.  Until I’m ready to go back to writing this fall, I’ll be only updating you guys on my editing efforts so far on those only two novels I’ve been working on.

So far I’ve edited chapters 1-5 and parts of 5 in Chain Reaction–we’ll go back to chapter 27 this fall. For Venom, chapters 1-10, 22 and parts of chapters 23 have been worked on. We’re getting there, while going over my mother’s final editing notes is a bit rough.  Starting now, I’ll be monetizing this blog. Tomorrow, we’re going back to basics on building a home office at home or at a college dorm. Perfect for Back to School/Back to Work, during Labor Day Weekend sales.  Please feel free to check it out! See you tomorrow!



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